Recovery iCloud Password 10 Easy Steps – How To Change/Recover iCloud Password

Recovery iCloud Password : Are you Forgot icloud Password ? wanna change or recover your icloud password.below we sharing 10 easy steps to recover a forgotten iCloud password using a Recovery Email. iCloud drive is one of the best features of owning an Apple Device. Like many other cloud based services, Apple also launched its own cloud feature, named iCloud, in 2011. This feature allows you to store all your important data and documents on Apple’s cloud server and provides you with the access to your iCloud account on any of your Apple devices. In this way, you can upload all your stuff on your iCloud account and won’t lose the data even if your device is lost, broken or stolen.

However, if you end up losing the password to your Apple ID account, you will lose the access to your iCloud service account and in turn, all the data you have uploaded on the drive. Due to stringent security measures taken by Apple, it would be difficult for you to access your iCloud account without your password. Still, there is a simple way you would be able to gain access to your account even if you have Forgot iCloud Password or have lost it.

Recovery iCloud Password with 10 Easy Steps

Forgot iCloud Password: Have you forgotten iCloud password? Don’t know how to recover a forgotten iCloud Password? Apple provides primary cloud storage to all its users to store data up to 5 GB for free after which the charges may apply. However, if you have forgot iCloud password, you may find it difficult to recover. You might be at risk of losing the data if you are unable to recover the iCloud password as there may be plenty of data of utmost importance. So here, we share a guide on – “Forgot iCloud Password Easy Recovery Process’.

How to Recover your iCloud Password?

It might be a painful moment when you find that you forgot iCloud password. Anyone will experience the same pain as no one can deal with lose of important files. If you are the one who have forgotten iCloud password and not know how to recover your iCloud password then this article will help you to recover your lost iCloud account. Read the complete blog post and learn how to reset your iCloud password quickly.

Forgot iCloud Password Easy Recovery Process

People are advised to change their iCloud account password frequently and set a strong password so that no one can hack it. It might be really difficult to manage passwords for different accounts and there are chances that you might forget password for any of them. So, here I come up with forgot iCloud password easy recovery process that is going to help you out in iCloud password reset, no matter whether you have forgotten iCloud password or your account has been hacked.

Lost iCloud Password Recovery

Apple advises all of the Apple ID account/ iCloud drive account users to regularly change their passwords to prevent someone hacking into their account. Also, you are advised to create strong password which include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols instead of common phrases or word which makes it difficult to predict your password.

It might be a necessary safety precaution feature but regularly changing your password and making a stronger one leaves a lot of scope for the users to forget their passwords. People have to remember a number of account passwords for various services they use and writing all of them down at a single place can be dangerous if it reaches wrong hands.

The easy iCloud service account password recovery will help you to recover your account password if you have forgotten the password. You can easily reset your account password by following the guidelines mentioned below.

Recovery Process for Forgot iCloud Password

  1. To recover your account password, first of all, open the Safari browser on your Mac or iOS device.
  2. In the address bar of the browser, enter ‘’.
  3. Once the Apple ID login page is fully loaded on the browser, click on the ‘Forgot Apple ID or Password’ option.
  4. From the number of recovery options in front of you, choose the one you have used as a safety measure in your iCloud account.
  5. Email authentication is the easiest and safest method to access and recover your iCloud account password. If you still have the access to the email id you have used while creating the Apple ID, select this option and click on Next.
  6. Select the correct email id from the number of email addresses Apple shows and click on Next.
  7. You will now receive a password reset link for your iCloud service account. Open the email account in another tab on your browser and open the mail.
  8. Next up, click on the password reset link sent by Apple services.
  9. Enter a new password for your iCloud drive account in the first blank and in the second blank, re-enter the password to confirm it. Make sure you follow the regular advice of keeping a strong password on your account by combining lowercase and uppercase alphabets, numbers and character symbols.
  10. Once you click on next, your password for your iCloud account will be changed.
  11. You will be re-directed to the main page of the website. Enter your Apple ID account and the new password to enter the iCloud account.

Final Words

If you have followed each of the above steps properly, you would be able to gain the access to your iCloud account once again. Losing the access to your iCloud account means you would be losing the access to all the important data and other stuff such as photos, videos, contacts and messages you have stored on the drive.

We hope that the method we showed above would be able to help you to recover your lost iCloud account if your happen or lose or misplace your account password.

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