How to increase iCloud storage using Mac

How to increase iCloud storage using Mac: – As you know that while singing into iclouds you get 5GB free storage. Users can use this space for backups, Photo gallery, Drive, Mail, App data, documents storage and for more. In case this space is not enough for you or you want to increase the iCloud storage capacity you can easily do that. Users can increase the storage of iCloud by using Mac. In case you surely want to increase the storage space of iCloud you can buy the best plan offers. You can upgrade your iCloud storage and for that, you need to choose a plan such as 50GB, 200GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

increase iCloud storage using Mac

Procedure to increase iCloud storage using Mac

  • Firstly open Apple menu, then chose System Preferences and login to icloud account.
  • Click on iCloud, select Manage.
  • Tap on “More Storage or Change Storage Plan”
  • Select the affordable and suitable storage plan, and buy them.

Delete the files using Mac

To increase the storage space user can delete also delete the wanted storage as well as. By deleting some files, documents, or photos and more one can make storage space in iCloud. Here are some steps which guide you to delete or manage unwanted files.

  • Select Apple menu, then System Preference
  • After that click on “Manage” button
  • Select files from “Manage Storage” such as Photo Library, Backups, Other Documents and more.
  • After selecting the files click on “Disable and Delete” button

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