How To Use iTunes on Android Smartphone

The Android smartphone users enjoy the music on the Google Play Music. But now the Android users can also enjoy the music by iTunes. To know how it is possible? Go through with this article as we are discussing how to use iTunes on Android smartphone.

Transfer iTunes to Android using Google Play Store:

the Google Play Music provides the free cloud storage up to 50,000 songs and can be accessed on both desktop and on your phone it is compatible with iTunes. To sync both systems you will need to download the Google Music Manager at first on your PC and the Google Play Music application on your Android device.

Open the application and log in to your Google account. Select the area of the music you need to upload then the Google Music Manager will start to upload the music files. Then the Pc will automatically sync with the Google Play Music application on Android phone. Open the app and click on the My library and there you will see your selected music. When you need to upload a large music it takes time to upload.

Transfer iTunes to Android with iSyncr:

There are so many applications for transferring the iTunes music to Android device in Google Play Store. The iSyncr app is simple and easy to use. To get this application on your device and on PC just connect the phone o PC by the help of the USB cable, and open the iSyncr PC app.

You can see a window which is opened automatically asking which file you need to sync your device. Just tick the box which is next to the iTunes and then click Synchronise then the app will transfer your iTunes file to your device.

After completing, the process just click on End button. Then you will be able to play the music by your chosen player. You can also transfer iTunes music over Wi-Fi with this iSyncr app when your phone and PC are connected to the internet and there should be the same network on both PC and Phone.

Transfer iTunes to Android via USB:

If you don’t want to depend on the third-party application for using iTunes with your Android phone then you can manually transfer the files of music to the Android phone. This is a simple method but you have only limited storage on phone or microSD card.

Connect the phone to the PC by USB cable. Open the windows explorer and locate the iTunes folder on PC. Just Drag and Drop it on your PC music folder to transfer onto the phone. After completion of the transfer, you can see the music on your chosen music player.

These are the ways of using the iTunes on your Android phone. Hope you understand how to use iTunes on Android phone. If you have any queries let us know in comment section.