iCloud Control Panel

According to the name, iCloud Control Panel is a controlling and managing apps product of Apple for iCloud files. It doesn’t need excessive settings that’s why it is easy to configure. You need to restart the computer after the installation process. To access iCloud’s configuration panel it is mandatory to have an Apple ID.

When you move towards taking charge of your iCloud account online, the iCloud Control Panel is the first image you’ll see is iCloud Control Panel when you log on to www.cloud.com. If you haven’t got an iCloud account, this is where you can register for one.It has standard window-based Interface having a well-organized layout, here synchronization of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch mail, contacts, calendars, and chores with Microsoft Outlook account information can be performed.

Bookmarks can be synchronized with Internet Explorer. Changing the default photo stream location on machine is possible.

iCloud Control Panel allows to manage the storage availability and to modify Apple ID account details. An app to send anonymous diagnostic information to Apple can be enabled.

Set up icloud Mail using icloud Control Panel :

If in case you don’t have an icloud Mail account then you first need to set up that from www.icloud.com . There is a separate page for icloud Mail and Email that guides you step by step to set up iCloud Mail from various devices, but if you wish to set up Mail through online iCloud control panel simply follow the below given steps:

  • By using your mobile or laptop switch on iCloud Mail.
  • To switch on the mail on your iPod, itouch, iPhone just go to settings>icloud>switch on mail.
  • On mac visit  Apple Menu>System preferences>icloud
  • Choose mail.
  • Now you will be going through the set up process.
  • To do this on PC is more difficult provided you had downloaded and installed icloud for widows and Microsoft outlook.
  • Open iCloud together with windows.
  • Choose Mail>Contacts>Calendars>Tasks>Apply.
  • On the left hand side of navigation pane choose your Cloud Mail disclosure triangle.

Now, within outlook you would be able to view Cloud Mail.

Find my iPhone using iCloud Control Panel :

The process is similar if you want to access Find My iPhone, Find My Mac, or Find My iPad. If in case your device is lost or stolen, you can use any PC or tools connected to the internet to access your iCloud control panel by using the below steps:

  1. Visit www.cloud.com
  2. Now simply tab on the Find My iPhone icon
  3. Enter your Apple ID password. 
  4. A map will indicate the exact location of your device (or the location the last time it was connected to the internet).

Access Contacts using icloud Control Panel :

iCloud enables to add contacts using your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC or another gadget you are having with you and will synchronize  these across all devices you have assigned in the iCloud control panel. To access contacts using iCloud panel just follow the below given steps:

  1. Visit Settings>iCloud and make sure you have switched on(enabled) Contacts to verify that contacts are syncing 🔃 between devices and online iCloud control panel.
  2. Now, Log in to your iCloud account at www.icloud.com 
  3. Choose the contacts icon.
  4.  Now you can access all of your contacts. 

This is an extraordinary means to discover lost phone numbers if your iPhone is stolen or lost.

Access calendar using  iCloud Control Panel :


If, you use your iPhone or iPad as a writing material , you would have always wanted to have your calendar synced with your mail account and other devices you use. Simply follow the below steps to access calendar using icloud control panel:

  • go to Settings>iCloud and be sure to select calendars (make sure the slider is set to green).

If you need to access your Calendars at a point where you do not have access to your phone then just follow the below steps :

  • Simply visit the iCloud control panel www.iCloud.com 
  • Type your Apple ID and password 
  • Then tab on the Calendar icon.
  • From here you can choose to view week, day or month.

You will lose all your important details if you don’t backup your device. In case your device is lost and you had already taken backup of your data with cloud then no need to worry your data can be easily accessible through online icloud control panel. This is important to use to have convenience and piece of mind. labeling, tracking and saving is not important to be done manually. It is a platform which does not require any huge amount of investment to keep your data safe and secure.

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