Set up iCloud From iPhone/iPad and iOS Devices

ICloud is specially designed for iPhone users. This gives you the storage space where you can save all your important data, images, contacts and many more in your device and you can access it anywhere. With iCloud you can find your lost device by logging into your iCloud account. To activate the iCloud services all you want is IOS device with iCloud. You can log in to your iCloud account for your Apple device through Web Browser also. Today will give you the in-depth knowledge about the Set Up of the iCloud in your iPhone device.

The market of Apple is increasing day by day. If you are apple fan and just bought the latest version of the Apple then get started by your device. Once you will start your mobile first you have to create your iCloud account. In this step just insert the apple account if you have, and if you are new user than create your account and follow rest of the instructions given on the screen. If you skip this step or you have upgraded your device with the latest version, then all you have to do is set up your iCloud.

In case you skipped the initial phase of iCloud set up, then just relax will show you how to set up iCloud. Setting up of iCloud is not so hard.

Set up iCloud From iPhone/iPad and iOS Devices

Steps of setting up iCloud are as listed:

  • Turn on your iPhone device.
  • First of all visit Home Screen and click on setting icon. Keep on scrolling until you see iCloud and then click on it.
  • After opening it will ask you for ID and Password. If you have your existed Apple ID and Password then enter it. If you are a new user then create your Apple ID and Password. If you have forgotten your Apple password then don’t hesitate you can reset your password also.
  • After entering your ID and Password then tap on sign in.
  • After signing in you can see the iCloud home page, with different iCloud service. You can activate the services you want to by turning them on. The services are mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, bookmarks, images and so on.
  • You can follow the instructions given to access your iCloud services on your device. These are the steps how you can activate your iCloud on your device.

Apple always come up with new features and upgrades for their users. iCloud is also a creation of Apple for their user which provides free storage up to 5 GB, you can also upgrade iCloud storage plan of your choice. iCloud registration is totally free to sign up. Set up your iCloud account with your IOS device. Once you have created your iCloud account you can access your account from your Android and Windows device also. Log in to your iCloud from Control Panel which is free of cost or log in directly from the Web Browser.

Rank of iCloud:

Rank of iCloud is different in different countries. In USA iCloud stands on 578 positon while in UK iCloud stands on 548 position. iCloud is very popular in Mexico and Brazil, on the other hand it stands on 1,260 position in Japan. People stay connected with iCloud up to 4 minutes only.


iCloud is specially designed for iPhone device. iCloud gives free storage for iPhone users. You can sync your data by just logging in to your iCloud account. You can find your phone if misplaced or lost by logging in to your iCloud account. You can save your Data, Images, Mails, Contacts and many more with iCloud. Setting of iCloud is simple and is free for all users. Hope this article is helpful, in case you find any problem then let us know will get back to you. Keep sharing your views. Thank you.

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